The Best Homes with Office Space at Affordable Prices!

Are you looking for an Oakland Park condos with office space? Whether you are a budding entrepreneur about to go out on your own, have the flexibility to work from home, or are just looking for a quiet place to work on your own projects, having an office space in your home is the perfect solution.

Oakland Park Condos with office space aren’t easy to come by, and as more and more of us are taking to working from home, they are becoming increasingly sought after.

The New Oakland Park Condominiums Community

Located within the neighborhood of Oakland Park, East Broward, the URBN Village sits halfway between the stunning beach and the I-95. So you can clear your mind with a relaxing beach stroll, easily get around to visit clients – and likewise, make it easy for local and national clients get to you.

Fort Lauderdale airport is also just a few miles away, making it even easier to get in and out, meaning that you, as a business owner can spend your time more effectively – either on your business, or relaxing, and less time, travelling.

The URBN Village development offers everything that you might need right on your doorstep – from all the amenities that you might need, to a refreshing pool to cool off after a long day – or even in your lunch break, to a specialist park to walk your dog. The private gated parking area provides 199 parking spaces (for the 90 homes) with security and to give residents peace of mind.

Oakland Park Condos with Office Space

The URBN Village development in Oakland Park is now in Phase III which means that all homes floor plans are now available to choose from. The new house type, the ‘Uptown’ is really standing out with included legal commercial space, so convenient for your business office. The ‘Uptown’ home is a two story condo with a two car garage, bedroom and living area, and a legal office space – complete with a separate bathroom.

This means that you can run your business from the comfort of your own home, meaning that there is no rush hour and wasted time to contend with, no extra rent to pay, an easy lunch break and 24-hour access to your coffee machine. By having a separate office space, you can close the door at the end of the day and relax in your home without the constant reminder of work.
The facilities available, such as the swimming pool and outdoor areas mean that you can chill out at the end of the day, and recharge the batteries for the next one.

The URBN Village offers another three house types – the two-story ‘Chelsea’ with two bedrooms, and the ‘Tribeca’ and ‘Eastside’ – one bedroom lofts, located on the 3rd story, with elevator or stair access.

Living and working in East Broward is the ideal situation for many people, thanks to the excellent quality of life that comes with it, and this is why it is difficult to find good Oakland Park condos with office space already included. Why not give us a call on 1.855.954.8726 or 855.954.URBN to find out more?